" The highest quality in security training, firearm competency & skills development "


Nu-Law Group is a Proudly South African Specialized Training Services Provider registered and accredited by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority [PSIRA], the Safety and Security Education Training Authority [SASSETA], the South African Civil Aviation Authority [SACAA] and the National Key Point (NKP) Authority under the auspices of the South African Police Services.


“Our mission is to provide timely and structured learning experiences, operational training and career development programs to all our clients to improve and maintain job performance to support the stated corporate business goals of our clients.”


“Our vision is clear on current and past practices and we know what lies ahead in terms of challenges, needs and opportunities in regards to training. Our vision is realistic and reach far beyond what most inside the practices can foresee as possible and necessary as we believe that the future of training lies in Skills Development as it equals a better future.”

Why Choose NU-LAW for your Training?

In any company training can be the key contributor to the nurturing and development of a professional mind-set, self-awareness and ethical values for individuals and the organization as a whole.

When the right training are in place the entire organization will experience a profound and exciting transition, placing training as a top priority in both an organizational and an individual context.

Implementation of this approach can often lead to exciting, tangible and meaningful changes in employee job satisfaction, motivation and performance. Setting high goals and standards and leading by example through demonstration are engaged by most employees and inspire them to participate actively in making the organization more effective and professional.
Nu-Law has identified unique training methodologies and with its team of specialized assessors, facilitators and moderators ensure the best in job performance through knowledge and in particular through Skills Development.

We entreat you to entrust the Skills Development of your workforce in our care and the results will speak for it.